7 Reasons Your Circuit Breaker Might Be Tripping

A circuit breaker is designed to ‘trip’ under circumstances when it’s overworked. This can be frustrating, and often you aren’t sure exactly what’s causing it. Here are seven reasons your circuit breaker might be tripping:

1.   Faulty Wiring

It’s highly recommended that an electrician review to see if faulty wiring could be the cause – this can be dangerous, but our team of experts is happy to review for this cause, and the other six listed below.

2.   Overload

Think too many cooks in the kitchen! This occurs when too many hair dryers are running, or cooking at the same time as utilizing a power tool. Make a note of what’s occurring prior to the shortage.

3.   Old Circuit Breaker

Find out when your circuit breaker was installed and make sure it’s up to standard before diagnosing other issues.

4.   High Powered Electrical Devices

Too many high powered electrical devices can cause the breaker to trip – temporarily losing power, this requires frequent restarts.

5.   Short Circuit

This is different than just a breaker tripping – it’s a hot wire touching another hot wire, then a neutral wire – this can be caused by a wiring problem, an appliance or device plugged into an outlet, in the circuit. This can be challenging to diagnose.

6.    Ground Fault

If a hot wire contacts a metal wall box, or a wood framing member – a ground fault can occur. This is dangerous in areas of high moisture, like your kitchen or bathroom – it’s another form of short-circuiting but specifically including the hot wire and metal contact.

7.   Blocked Air Filter

If you haven’t changed your AC Unit, or AC Filter in a while – the internal fan and blower have to work much harder to keep your house cool by circulating air. This takes up more energy, which means your circuit breaker has to work harder – this can lead to short circuits.

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