7 Surprising Facts about Electricians

There are many interesting things that you did not know about electricians. Below are many things you might not know:

Most electricians do mechanical work as well

In the skill trade workplace, electricians are expected to do a variety of jobs outside their area of expertise. This might include leveling and aligning motors, repairing pumps, cylinders, gearboxes, compressors, and removing as well as reinstalling all mechanical items in the way of their objective.

Electricians are one of the most varied trades in the skilled labor industry

The specialties include: motor control, motor rewind, instrumentation, PLC, drives, industrial, marine, automotive, commercial, residential, automation, cranes, and landscape. They are also expected to understand audio-visual and IT as well as electronics.

Electricians have good thinking skills

They are required to use depending on their specialties, such as advanced math, geometry trigonometry, advanced formulas, conversion charts, blueprints, schematics, diagrams, tech manuals, and theories of operations. They also must enjoy reading, researching, and calculating.

Electricians risk their lives every day

The Navy EMA school states 30 MA at 30 VAC for 3 seconds can be lethal under the right circumstances. Studies show more people are killed by 110 VAC than any other voltage because of accessibility and the layperson’s lack of trading. GFIC and ark-fault products have come a long way in making the house safer for everyone.

It takes almost as long to train a master electrician as it does a doctor

The IBEW has a mandatory 5-year apprentice program before you can become a journeyman. Most electricians accrue continuing education units during the course of their career. All electricians must stay abreast of the industry-wide changes in codes. materials, and hardware intrinsic to their trade.

They must pass a color blind test

In the electrical trade, the function of a wire in a circuit is designated by its color. Low and high voltage have their own color sequences as do power and control wiring within a circuit. For instance, a ground wire will be green, gray, or green and yellow stripe. Electronic components such as resisters have color codes as well.

They are also safety professionals

They have to be proficient in math, special skills, formulas, and variety of codes depending on the job. For instance, the NEC, fire regulations, ASTM international, and many OSHA chapters that strictly apply to electricity. They must also don PPE suitable to the hazards in which their environment could provide.

Doing it yourself has been popular more than ever for homeowners. There are more resources available to show you the correct way to do this than ever before. When dealing with projects especially involving electricity, it is very important to know your limitations. Special tools and training are needed for electrical work.

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