Energy Efficient Appliances You Should Check Out

Whether you are currently in the market for household gadgets or not, it is fun to see where our technology is taking us. Energy efficiency is only one aspect of the technological trends, and you may enjoy some of other ideas taking shape.

  • VINTAGE INSPIRED APPLIANCES are taking the place of the older versions. You can purchase an entire kitchen of beautiful high-efficiency pieces which look as though you spent months searching for them in antique stores. Absolutely stunning and donning colors which take you back generations such as harvest gold, avocado, turquoise, aqua, or spin-offs such as red or sky blue, they have all the present-day advantages while fitting into that retro style. Yes, you can find a vintage-looking refrigerator with an ice maker!
  • SLEEK MODERN VERSIONS will blend nicely with the other current trends. Waterfall countertops, stone backsplashes and flooring, and sleek, smooth cabinets will be the perfect complement to high-tech stainless versions. You may want to add convection to the oven or select a refrigerator which talks to you via your phone app. If you want to know what is in the fridge, some new models even have cameras so you can look around while you roam the grocery store. Others will send lists and expiration dates of the foods at home.
  • COUNTRY FARMHOUSE RENOVATIONS will be the perfect places for custom ranges and fridges. Add a matching dishwasher and range hood for a complete look. Throw in a big apron-front sink to take it to the next level. Rustic stone flooring will really accent this look.
  • FUTURISTIC: If you want to go one step beyond modern, try futuristic on for size. Super high gloss enamels and glass will inspire the rest of your kitchen remodel. Clean and super-efficient is where this one is headed. It will make you want to try the Jetson’s lifestyle out!
  • MINIMALIST INVASION: The latest trend in home building is minimalism. Tiny homes abound and space is at a premium. By selecting smaller versions of standard devices, you can still have a fully functional kitchen with all the comforts of a large home and still have room for other things you need. Trading a full-size range for a convection two-burner stove is one option, and adding a convection oven to handle the baking fills out the cooking needs. A medium-sized refrigerator will keep enough food for a family and provide ice when needed. You may love the idea of an under-counter refrigerator and freezer. You may also love the drawer style dishwasher!

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