Which Devices in Your Office Use the Most Electricity?

If you have fluorescent lighting, that is probably the biggest power hog of all. Be sure you are turning the lights out at the end of the day. If you can change to LED lighting, you will save a considerable amount of money. Not only will you exchange a much lower wattage to get the same light, but you will also save on the cooling bill, as LED lights don’t emit heat.

Check the appliances in the break area. Often the refrigerator is an older model, and not efficient to run. Consider upgrading. It will pay off in a year or so. You might consider downsizing, or simply asking your employees to carry lunch in a cooler bag. Today’s totes are functional, and totally consistent with office life. Drinks can be kept cold all day in stainless double wall drink cups with lids. Provide an ice machine, and you will find happy employees. In fact, consider giving out a company gift of the nice insulated cups to stimulate people to stop using the fridge for drinks.

If the vending machines aren’t earning their keep, let them go, especially the refrigerated ones.

Your water cooler is a mini fridge and heater in one. If it is used heavily, as in areas where the water isn’t great for drinking, then it is worth the cost. However, if you are pleasing one or two people, then furnish bottled water, and let them grab ice from the ice machine.

Consider getting vacuum coffee dispensers. Brew the coffee, then shut off the pot after putting the coffee in the vacuum pot. Not only will the coffee stay hot for hours, but you won’t get that bitter, burned taste.

Personal heaters are a power hog. It is hard to keep everyone comfortable, but know that if you are going to please the majority, it is cheaper for the hot ones to run fans than for the cold ones to run heaters. You might also encourage the cool ones to keep a sweater or jacket handy. Lap blankets are nice, too.

Large multi-purpose copiers are often left idling when not in use. If you are leasing several machines, and none of them are working to capacity, consider sending some back and letting the others do more work. Be sure to power them down at night.

Personal workstations should be on power strips as well, to avoid the phantom voltages used to keep clocks and timers working. After shutting down the computer, the employees should flip the switch on their power strips, completely isolating everything at their area. This is also a great idea at home, so encourage them to put the entertainment center, computer stations, and other areas with electronics on power strips at home to save money on their own power bills.

When you purchase new equipment, consider going to laptops which are by nature more energy efficient than the desktop models.

Although none of these are the magic solution to lower power bills, if you can implement several of them, you should see some savings. Put on your power detective glasses, and happy hunting.

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